Sunday, 4 September 2016

1st of September, new beginings(new Liturgical Cycle of Church)

A corner I find so personal in my local church

I woke up full of energy counting my blessings, today. It was the begining of month September, the begining of school year and the begining of the church year.
 It is the first year that I will consiously follow all religious celebrations, the cycle of ecclisia.

 I'm looking forward to it as one of the things that draw my attention  as I rediscover the religion of my childhood is how many celebrations there are.
Actually everyday is a celebration which makes life so much more rich.

It blows my mind when I think of how blant and empty of meaningful rituals my life had become. It felt like a cycle of repeated actions with no sign of progress.
These days it feels like I am making a progress, like there is a goal although it's not yet clear but very promising.

New beginings deserve special china

On my way to school I took this photo. I've been meaning to capture this old house and the plants for sometime now.

When I came back from school( it wasn't long the first day) I rushed in the kitchen and in one hour I had our lunch ready.

                                            Later in the evening I baked some bread and I made a few bracelets with my new set of beads. My daughter helped and I promise to post some photos during this week. I feel blessed in so many ways. If I begin to realise how much most of us in western world have I feel like crying out of hapiness. It is such a pity that many times I catch myself want more and more. but I guess this is something I need to work on.

As I pray for a peaceful night my heart feels warm and full of hope for the future. Have a great month of September full of Grace and Love. May we all follow the new Liturgical Cycle in health and peacefulness.

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