Thursday, 1 September 2016

More quiet days of August

 Beautiful warm days, just before the hustle the begining of the school year brings. Officially, schools open on 12th of September in Greece ( too hot to even consider earlier). Around midday I had a delicious snack when I felt my strenght going away.It worked fine.

You see there was jam from grapes to be made. We were kindly given by our landlord ( who happens to be a priest) a generous amount of grapes. I had to figure out how to preserve. It wasn't difficult as generations of women thought of many ways before me. For the record I have already made a sweet with syrop and today is jam day.

We had lunch all 5 together around 2 in the afternoon and it was small fried fish fresh from local waters and vegetables. Kids were not excited but they behaved because I had promised the following

On another note, I think I am progressing on my praying. I have to be more careful to pray twice a day. 
What I call progress is that I miss it when I don't pray and sometimes I noticed that I don't feel peaceful until I do. 
Have you noticed something like that also? I have made a beautiful corner in my bedroom for praying but still simple. I want this turn in my life to be slow and meaningful.

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  1. yes, this makes sense. my priest in Ottawa says that people that are dehydrated often do not realize they are thirsty or what they are really thirsty for, and so prayer evaporates, even though they are dying of thirst...