Friday, 9 September 2016

8th of September- A day to celebrate

More and more these days the door to the church feels like the door to a richer and healthier life. What becomes more rich and healthy is my heart and my spirit. I experience a lot of happiness too and I also struggle with the stereotypes of being an Orthodox Christian. Nothing I experience has to do with conservatism narrow mindness but these notions are rooted inside my head

Today is 8th of September and is the celebration of the day the Mother of Jesus was born. It's a happy day , a day full of hope. You see the change is on the fact that I always thought 8th of September to be just another day. Well, it's not anymore, it's a day to celebrate along with so many in the liturgical cycle of the church.

On another note this is what greeted me first thing in the morning when I entered the kitchen. A well ordered and clean kitchen.

                                           And this is what we had for breakfast all the 5 of us.
Cookies and cake have wine as their basic ingredient as it is the time grapes are picked up in Greece and there is an abundance of wine and its byproducts.

 As for food we had pork steaks, brizoles, in greek language and pasta. The greens you see are called vlita and are very tasty and organic from the granpa's garden. Alas, they don't compare with the taste of pizza or hamburgers and teenage kids hate eating them. I hate to admit I force them to eat it from time to time.

Later in the afternoon I made simple French tost an old favorite of our family. The kids splurged but I am a bit more careful of my weight so I had 2 slices topped with honey and cinamon followed by coffee and grapes in syrop, a traditional sweet I made a couple of weeks ago.

I leave you with the photo of one of my most favorite and peaceful corners of my house.

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  1. what a beautiful kitchen you have!! you have made such a beautiful space!! it makes my heart glad!