Friday, 2 September 2016

A bit about me, my day and my country

It's the first time in my life I commit to read the Bible although stydy the bible is what I need to do. But for now I just read everyday in the morning and then later in the evening.

 I know that I cannot interpret the Bible myself but in context with the Sunday Liturgy and all other important Liturgies during the year and also in context with the words of the Fathers.

I had quit reading for many years although I was an avid reader and had been borrowing books myself from my local library since the age of 8 years old. 

But for the last 16 years I did minimum reading because I was busy raising 3 children and working full time and because I'm not telling the whole truth here...basically because of the internet distraction. You all know how it goes...

 But I'm finding my love for reading back and so I 've been reading for sometime now an old favorite book of mine by a Greek Author Alexandros_Papadiamantis who has a unique way to talk about Greek traditional way of life in total accordance with Orthodox Christian church. A true delight and very comforting in times of crisis, like this one we go through in Greece.since 2009.

Caren Armstrong helped me a lot to realise that humans actually need religion and it should not be forgotten or considered useless in the age of reason that we live at the moment. And her belief that God is not what we think it is with our limited brains helped me a lot to reconsider my relation with religion.

Because of crisis some very important realisations were made and one of the the first is that my family should mainly be fed according to the good old healthy Cretan/ Mediterranean diet.

 I try to use local products fresh from farmers markets, eat fish and less meat. Lots of fruit and vegetables are in rotation and I bake our bread a lot.
The key word is mainly because from time to time the whole family indulges in less healthy delicacies from other cultures as well. So nice to share tastes. 
I'm the only one that I fast in the family and I hope this will change but I have no control over it. 

So often what I have by my night stand summarises my interests of the moment.
 So, for now I care a lot about reading and religion but also about beauty and rediscover the traditions of my country like in embroidery techniques. 
Actually I have embroidered myself what you see above a while back in my 20s.

Favorite moments of me reading. I plan to make time for this a lot more in the future.

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  1. that is so nice!!! what a blessing to live where you are, I have only dreamed of going to where you live every day! I am so glad for the blessings God has given you!!!