Thursday, 15 September 2016

A place of spirituality and beauty

Agios Minas,old church, Heraklion Crete. I've been living in Heraklion since 1997. A week ago it was the first time I visited this old church built in late 18th century. It blew my mind to see those icons, so old but with a force and true spirituality, trully hidden gems waiting patiently to be discovered.

This is how it looks above the temple. So much beauty and I was blind to see it, to go look for this old religion and the culture and civilisation that goes along with it!

Inside the church were the very old icons you see. Beautiful colors, movement and expressions which made my heart melt .

         Notice the details on the clothes Jesus wears. I don't know much but I think it's rare.

This is definitely one of my favorites. Mother of Jesus feeding her baby. A very personal moment which somehow filled my heart with hope 

And this is the last icon one can see on his way out of the church. I love the colors and the concept of having together in an icon Maria with Jesus and both Saint Nicolas and Saint Minas.

I left the church but I knew I will be back soon. And I keep wondering how many beautiful things I miss because I don't know where to look. At least now I know where I can turn to  for advice and help.

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  1. St Menas!!! I love him!!! My dear Romanian friend taught me about him and he has helped me a lot!! I have an icon of him that I got at a Greek Monastery in Wisconsin last Labour Day, it's in my little office desk area. My friend told me of St Menas - 'he helps us and is quick to hear and very generous' and this is very true!