Thursday, 1 September 2016

Quiet days of August

It 's the last days of August and all goods are in abandance. It's a pleasure to visit the local farmers market early in the morning when the light is glorious and all products fresh from the fields.
The products below will be the basis of our family nutritious meals the coming days. Incidentally the market happens by the corner of our church so I always by now  take the opportunity to visit. The difference is striking when after the hustle and bustle of the nearby market I enter the quitness and spirituality of the church.
The summer is still going strong but I feel ready for a change and I secretly wish for autumn.
But in the maintime ...I planted a new pot of amberoriza, a very fragrant plant which is used for jams and jellies. It has taken its place proudly next to my oregano plant on my kitchen sill

Then later  I felt adventurous and in an artistic mood to place and photograph all simple ingredients I used to cook our food for the day. Tuna fish canned, fresh vegetables( onion,carrot,courgette all chopped), fresh tomato sauce and spagetti.

After I cooked I had a little free time before everyone arrives and it's time to set the table for lunch with their help of course. I decided to tidy and beautify this little corner in my kitchen.

 Maybe I need shelving of somekind someday soon but then I like it simple and the less storage I have the less stuff I accumulate. It has become a golden rule of mine.

 It used to be like that in the greek households even 30 years ago. People used to own so few things, a kind of minimalism not only out of nessecity(luck of money) but also because people liked to live simply always looking for the middle way as part of Ancient Greek herittage.

Then later all family sat around the table and we enjoyed our simple yet tasty meal.
 I 'm new at setting the table nicely and with care but I want to put this extra effort because my family enjoys the food and the company more.

After that me and Husband Dimitris had a nap as it tends to be very hot in the middle of the day in Crete.
It was only about an hour and then we enjoyed a bit of coffee together before he rushes back to work.

I want to enjoy more the domestic life before August ends and I'm back in the working mode at school

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  1. you do such a beautiful job, I am just loving your blog with these pictures!