Sunday, 18 September 2016

The church that feels like second home

 I used to be indifferent every time I heard the bells of my church ringing but that's not the case anymore. When I hear the bells now I long to be inside the church and see this beauty. It calms my heart when I see the paintings of the saints and the Holy Fathers. Then, I know I'm not alone.

These two photos are from the upper part of the church. Sometimes, I feel better when I follow the Liturgy from up here and sometimes I like it more to mix with all others downstairs. 

So many stories from the bible are retold with these paintings. They turn the life of Jesus alive and are so inspiring. Just by looking at them I feel reassured and so determined to be close to God.

 Above our heads are the paintings of Jesus and His mother. They are a reminder of how much they love us and that we are under their protection, no matter what.

And I saved for last this painting that is my favorite. It's the Birth of Maria and although it's not byzantine style it speaks to my heart.
The church in my neighbourhood is becoming like a second home to me. I hope the next months as I follow the Liturgical Cycle to get to know some of my fellow parishioners better. I really want this to happen.

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