Friday, 28 October 2016

Cook/ Bake while my life is transforming

This is the Best place to  read a book if the rest of family permits.

I struggle to put their needs before mine and distinguish between being a victim and be generous when i provide for their needs.

Anyway, i try to bring us all together around a plate of tasty food.This is how i set the table for them to eat

More and more i try to make sweet things and bake as it brings me closer to to the feeling of constantly thanking God for our blessings

And there is always a little helper who deserves to taste first

I made the chocolate bites because tomorrow is my husband's name day, Agios Dimitrios 26 of October and you can see the end result! It was worth the fuss!

It's a fast day so black coffee and banana with tahini and

And there is always a way to beautify left over chicken and a few boiled potatoes!

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