Sunday, 2 October 2016

Everyday rituals as a new Christian

I can't begin to express the change in me and the richness of feelings since I reunited with Orthodox Christian church.

 It's like I can see hundreds of colors where before I could see none.

Seeing and understanding so much more has changed my every day life in many ways.

 Since I consider myself new to the Christian way of life I can only refer to the simple rituals I have added to my life.

First and most importantly I find time to pray every morning and every evening. I pray reading from a book some prayers that Christians have been saying for centuries.
 I find this fascinating.

 Then, I pray with my own words for a while. I find the whole process comforting and inspiring. 

I also read from the Bible everyday and I get inspired and many times I'm speechless about how clearly everything is stated. 

Why haven't I read the Bible earlier? Why was I so negative in reading it before?

I have found the above site and I read a bit about the lives of the saints the church is celebrating each day.

 Reading what they've been through puts in perspective my everyday troubles. 

Also, it's very inspiring to know how humble and full of love and forgiving and wise they were. 

I go to church every Sunday and I take the Holly Communion often and I regularely confess.
 I attend Vespers as often as I can. It's a blessing I live so close to the church so when I hear the bell ringing I can drop what I do and go.

 I feel so calm, happy and blessed when I get the chance to attend.
Sometimes, I take out my coloring pencils and color relegious pictures. It's a great past time.

Another ritual is that I light a special lambada every evening when the sun goes down just before my evening prayer.
 The flame symbolises the Light Jesus is.
 I use a small glass which I half fill with water. hen I add olive oil and a wick and it lights for hours.

Just a year ago all these practices were missing from my everyday life and the world seemed so much empty. Except perhaps when I went shopping! The richness I feel inside me now is beyond my expectations.

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  1. so beautiful, that lampada! I am really stuck by your words here and more recently (as I am just reading your blog now) on how shopping is empty; I agree and am still struggling with this in ways... but God is merciful and is here to help us in our struggles and that is so wonderful...