Monday, 10 October 2016

Finding joy again

Everywhere in the world there is pain and sadness,cruelty and depression.

I had forgotten what it really means to be happy. I nevertheless felt the emptiness but wouldn't recognise happines for what it trully is. 

I would pass it by.

Moreover I was so deeply in pain/anxiety , I began  to beleive it's the only way to be.

I even invented ways to feel the pain( find reasons everywhere to feel miserable) because it had become such a familiar feeling. 

The saddest part is that I had already been given the solution but I refused to accept it.

 It's the joy Jesus in Orthodox church has come to offer to people. It's the endless joy that comes now that I'm trying to establish a true personal relation with God and lead a trully Orthodox Cristian life.

As soon as this relationship is established, all sorrows, worries and difficulties can be overcome and I know where to turn to and who to trust to bring back the joy.

 When I surrender my life to the One our minds cannot fully grasp, then I find plenty of reasons to celebrate and feel the joy.

             Alas is not always that straight forward but still it's a warm, earnest prayer away.

 On another note I'm releasing my creativity by making bracelets

Going grey

Crochet like a maniac

Use fabric to decorate our living room.

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  1. so beautiful!!! those bracelets are so beautiful... you are being given a lot of spiritual gifts as you are blossoming into a new life - and one of the deepest ones I think is that you have an understanding of joy now - I am understanding this myself in a new way and finding out that it is easy to lose this understanding of joy when life becomes difficult - but that it is always there, like the sun is always behind even the darkest cloud.