Sunday, 16 October 2016

Notes on everyday life

I'm blessed with a very big, old, beautiful rented house with garden and every day I enjoy the spacious rooms.
 This doesn't mean that mummy can have a place all her own. So I had to be inventive and make a little corner in the kitchen to call my own. 
This is where I blog and study/prepare for school or leisurely scroll the web. 

This is also the space where I crochet or do needle work  while listening to podcasts, something I  totally enjoy.
This is the very chair I sit which I salvaged and painted it white.
 I plan on having a decoupage project on the black laminate surface, sometime soon I hope.

As you can see my so called desk doubles as a kitchen family table or better say the other way round!

This was our simple Saturday family lunch made of chicken fillet and cauliflower in tomato sauce. And I ventured and bought 2 more pots with flowers. I now have 2 pots of basil, 1pot of geranium and 2 pots with cacti and 1 of oregano. This is a huge progress of me because never before have kept plants alive for so long.
I'm so very new to plants!

This little corner I have created recently since I realised that looking at the icons strengthens my connection to God and it functions as a pleasant visual reminder of Christian Orhodox calmness and spirituality. 

Since I am a school teacher I need to have the icon of the Holy Fathers who are protectors of Education to be reminded the many ways I am responsible for the kids I teach.

This icon of the ressuraction of Crist offers so much comfort and takes away a great deal of stress as it addresses the greatest ontological problem of all, that of death.
I'm struggling with it like most of us but the more I plunge into the Orthodox Dogma the worry and pain of death begin to transform.

The icon of the Holly Family is a visual reminder of how much love and patience and calmness I must show the members of my family.

             So much beaty and sweetness on top of my dresser and inside my soul. Isn't it a miracle?

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