Sunday, 23 October 2016

Setting the table

Today was a breakthrough for me. You know how I'm a working mum who is not always able to sit on the table together with kids to enjoy lunch
.( We definitely have lunch in Greece around 13.00 -15.00 each day). 
What happens is kids come home and don't sit together to eat or eat very little or nothing at all until I return home.

However, today I figured out the nicest way to have them sit around the table together and enjoy a meal . 
I set the table nicely for them before I left for work. This way when they entered the house they had no alternative but to warm the food and sit down to eat! 

I 'm sure they appreciated the extra effort I put in creating a beautiful setting for them to eat.
 I'm so inspired lately to create beautiful and peaceful atmosphere in our house and the dinning table is an excellent opportunity for this.

It's not that I have  never set the table nicely before but now I do it more often and with all my heart. 
I don't want food to be just a function( something to eat so that I'm not hungry) but an event to help the family communicate and make nice conversations and share things.
And with 3 teenagers in the family it becomes even more important.

Even if the food is very simple like lentil soup and some salad the joy of sharing is big. 
Since I'm taking the plunge in Christian Orthodox spirituality I find myself more willing to think of other peoples needs and stop being so selfish. 
I have also discovered that I do everyday things with more eagerness and I don't get tired so easily .
As I have discovered it is double tiring to drag myself/no mood than the actual tasks I have to complete.  

How about you? Do you take the time to set the table nicely? How often? Have you seen a change in your family?

PS> The TV was turned off!!!

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  1. your table setting is so beautiful!!! I love all of your different ways of doing your table, and I see a lot of what I have learned from my Grandma - when we do things for others and are thankful to God for our blessings - then we become a different person, lighthearted and grateful!