Saturday, 12 November 2016

Declutter inspiration- Part 1

Me and young Miss bought this ring a while ago, part of a set of similar rings.
 It was young Miss's wish to buy the set, it was at a very affordable price but when we brought it home she lost interest and never worn the rings. 
I am often to be blamed of such acts and I am the last to judge her.  I looked around the house and found several things we brought home and upon bringing we forgot about them and never used them.
 So I had this idea of making a special effort to use them and when they are done to despose of them. This way I will save money for the family and I will feel less eager to bring new things home.  

So, this ring was destined to be the first item of my experiment. 
Maybe you don't see it clearly on the photos but on the second photo the ring has lost the silver cover and leaves a dark mark on my skin. I consider this the sign that I have to despose of it and so I did! Mission accomplished. Well, there is a lot to be used in our home so I go look for the next one!

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