Friday, 4 November 2016

Icon corner and some apple pie and my favorite blogger

One year and a half ago this piece of furniture was the kingdom of mismatched items. I owned a cluttered home back then. One year ago I was deep into decluttering as a maniac. 
We were left with 1/3  of our possesions and this piece of furniture was totally empty.
Then I reunited and fell in love with Orthodox Christian faith and ...look at the photo. So much wisdom, meaning and sweetness came to my life. 
The transformation from mismatched to empty to adorned with these well loved  icons  sort of describes what I 've been through ( still in the process of course) spiritually the last one and a half year.

I don't kow if I mentioned before but the bigger icon of Theotokos and the Angel is a gift from my mother.
 My mother is a devoted Orthodox Cristian who happens to be a bit pushing when it comes to religious matters.
 I was almost an atheist for the most part of my adult life and it was a stressing factor in our relationship. 
This half year that I'm discovering the true meaning of being a Cristian I can more fully understand her agonies and the sorrow she had been through because I refused to be a religious person or to raise my family accordingly.
So, she had given me this icon, my name day icon, many years ago but I never seemed to find a place to put it. It didn't fit my taste at decor or my life style. I kept it somewhere hidden. 
It brings so much joy in my life now the fact that this icon has finally find its place in my home and in my heart. And I hope one day to find the words to tell my children how I regret the fact that I raised them not being Orthodox Cristians. 
I pray so much that God will lead their steps in the right direction.

I've been reading quietly without much notice a blog which is called roosje} little rose for sometime now. 
This wonderful lady has a talent in writting essays as well as presenting everyday life in a calming but deeply spiritual way.
 Reading her blog for sometime and I was so inspired to pay more attention to my cooking, baking and setting the table as well as start reading  books again. 
Also for a long time I had been thinking of setting up a blog to document this great change in my life and the way her blog is set gave my the courage to start my own. I hope she considers my imitation as a kind of flattery.
Her blog has  been such a good influance and I want to give many thanks to her.

I have found the receipee of this delicious applecake here and in another blog favorite here but more on this other blog favorite in another post.

I was so happy to serve it to my family later that evening after our simple dinner in our living room,  under the candle light 

Next day I bought some fresh cream to put on top and I thought it was a good opportunity to make a good photo with my camera. I feel so proud.

The only one miserable is Einstain who is not allowed to eat sweets but he got his special treat of cat food later.

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  1. I am so touched to see this. It's funny, I was thinking that this blog (I am so enjoying it) had such affinity to me, like oh, she loves what I love! a beautiful table cloth! I felt so close to you reading it and now find out why, we are seeing things the same way, that is why! I have learned from your blog too, you know. It is beautiful to see (I did not know of your blog) how you are transforming your life and that you have an Orthodox Mother... My Mother is very god-loving thank God but she grew up in a Dutch protestant house (She immigrated from Holland when she was 1 to Canada) and she is faithful to what she knows and is given. I am going to comment on another blog post of yours but I just want to say thank you so much for letting me know that my blog, such as it is, is something you enjoy. That is a real encouragement to me!