Saturday, 5 November 2016

Shaping my life according to Orthodox Christian spirituality -Part 1

To my surprise reading the Bible is not for purely theoretical reasons but to aquire beliefs that can shape our everyday lives.
On the 25th verse of the Gospel according to Matheus, Jesus Christ makes a specific reference on how we shouldn't worry about what to eat, about what to eat and about what to wear because He will provide for those.
 We should only ask for his Grace and Mercy and try to practice our beliefs as good as we can and the rest will be given to us.
 He specifically mentions we shouldn't worry about the following day. It's enough to take care of the day we have at hand. 

As I have mentioned before, I only read the New Testament for the first time this summer.
 I was left in awe with the amount of wisdom I discovered and about the fact that it is written in such a simple lanquage for anyone to understand.
The part I mentioned above had a strong impact on me as I used to worry a lot ( and still do) about ...just everything!
This attitude had as a result a constant bad mood and tiredness because I carried such a big burden o my shoulders.

A few months down the road, since I started seriously studying the Bible, and I feel so much more rested.
 I start building a certainty that God will provide what we need as a family to our best interest and I have more days now that I don't worry at all or even if I worry it's not of the same intensity but more mild.
I put it down to a change of mentality after I decided to put my life in the hands of God. It's definitely a fall and stand up process but the results and the calmness warm my heart.

So, every Saturday I plan our simple Menu for the week and do the groceries and later in the evening I spend a little time to plan a mini wardrobe for the week ahead and a couple of outfits.

This way I create myself more time to pray, be with my family and read spiritual books to strenghthen my Faith and of course follow the liturgies at my parish as often as I can.

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