Saturday, 5 November 2016

Weekend activities

That's how the previous week started for me and my family. 
After I returned from the Sunday church I made 'tiganitous "as they call them in Crete.
 It's flour mixed with water, a bit salt ,sugar and vanila essense. It's fried and can be enjoyed with honey and cinnamon on top, which is my favorite but also with chocolate sauce which is my children's favorite.
It's becoming a ritual for our family that every Sunday when I come back from church( yes, nobody joins me) I prepare some sweet special treat for the whole family to enjoy.

 The rest of the photos are from Saturday, I'm a bit behind on posting, but hey! 1. Nobody cares 2. This is real life. 
Hardly any time to take the photos and even less time to post and write something decent. 
No complains though, I'm happily and willingly busy with my family.

We had meatballs, left over Mexican recipee rice, tomato salad with onion and freshly baked bread

Later in the evening I had some time to bake us a tarte with peaches on syrop (we had it canned for a long time). It was not a major sucess and I ate most of it for breakfast during the week but it was fun to make and I will have something else on top next time I bake it. I consider this a sweet mistake!

Then, while the tarte was in the oven and the house smelled deliciously, I put clean sheets on our daughter's and our own bedroom.
 I tidied a bit and I liked how both rooms looked with the soft light of the bedside lamps. Not magazine worthy but it's our well loved home and I like it!

 Our furniture is very simple and most is made diy by me and husband and the help of my father in law.

There was a time when I was younger that staying at home during the weekend to do the mundane stuff, filled me with horror.
 But since I decluttered a year and a half ago it's so much easier to keep the house clean and I enjoy the process as I see a result. I tidy my house and it stays tidy longer. For those who wonder I got inspired to thoroughly declutter by Marie Kondo.

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