Sunday, 25 December 2016

Feed the family and various thoughts


It's such a responsibility to feed the family everyday and gather all members around the table. 
I more and more lately give thanks and feel so grateful for the blessings I was given. 
More and more I realise how ungrateful I had been acting like a spoilt child the times things didn't go the way I wanted.

The more I dive into Orthodox Christian religion the more I concentrate on my family and I cater for their needs without feeling that I supress my freedom or lose my free time. 
Strangely enough the days have more hours and I'm less tired than before and I usually find time for a bit of quality me time.

And is there a better way to distract them from electronic devices than sit around the table to eat tasty food?

Even if the dinner is not fancy but left overs laying the table nicely makes all the difference.

                                       Give me a side table and I will decorate in a minute!                           
They make excellent white canvas for my thrift finds, like the deep blue crochet table cover.

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