Sunday, 25 December 2016

Goodies- Kitchen cupboards

There is a prayer when the priest blesses the breadstuff which goes like' rich men have become poor and hungry but all those who beleive in God never miss any goods'. 
It strikes a very good point about consumerism in my opinion. 
The more our hearts are full with love for God the less material things we need to buy to fill the gap in our hearts.

Before consumerism wave hit Greece sometime in the 80s people used to buy the absolutely nessecary stuff and never shopped as a past time. This mentality carried for many many generations and I have still memories of how my grandma's cupboards looked like.

For a few years now since the economic crisis hit Greece I felt the need to downsize and stop buying like there is no tomorrow.
 You see, I had been influenced ,too like most of my fellow citizens. It was tough when the bubble burst and I could not support my mindless shopping habits any more.

Nowadays, my cupboard look like this. The necessary provisions to feed the whole family for about 2 weeks and the very basic crockery and cooking stuff.

We live in the centre of the city and if we need extra things it is easy to buy so I don't need to store.
I feel more free this way and I spent minimum time when shopping. Which means extra quality time

                                   to make cookies and it saves money while we build our house

                                            What follows is basic Sunday breakfast and

                                   and octopus in tomatoe sauce salad, cheese and green Cretan olives and home made bread

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