Saturday, 31 December 2016

This special church

Today I visited the church of my childhood. It was so nice being inside this church after so many years,maybe 25 years.
Me and my mother sneeked inside and we prayed for a while. I hadn't been inside a church with her for so many years. And there was always tention between us because she forced me to be in the church while I was unwilling.
This time it was different .Although I had to swallow my pride big time because she was right when she said to me that a life without the religious feeling is not a full life.

The 1st of January me, my mum and my daughter we visited the second church of my childhood. It was so emotional for me because my teenage daughter was forced by me to come this time. History repeating.

In reality I don't force her. It has to be her choice. I only hope and pray to inspire her with my example someday. I also hope God to have mercy on all my children and husband.

The photos were taken after the service .

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  1. Thank you for sharing from your heart here. I'm enjoying reading your older post. This one really touched my own heart. I was forced to attend church as a child. So much I didn't understand, and a lot was not always explained, or explained well, to me. As a young adult I was away from the Catholic church for many years. Thankfully, during a period of bad health, some years ago, I went back to church... and now I understand what was missing in my life! :) Your Mum was right-- life without walking the religious life, is no life. We cannot live fully until we accept and served and love God fully. Reconversion--it is a beautiful thing. Welcome back home to your faith. May God Bless you, and your family!