Friday, 7 April 2017

Living in the Orthodox Christian faith

Living my life according the Orthodox Christian faith is such a blessing. What used to be the blant succession of days has become a wise succession of meaningful celebrations
One of them I was blessed to attend was the Soul Saturday during which the people bring special sweet treats to the church in memory of the dead members of the family.
 The issue of death is such a taboo for our western society. It is also burdened with desperation. But not in Christian way of life where the dead members of the family are considered alive but not with us. They even need our prayers for God 's mercy. How full of spirituality is that? Even hopeful because death is not final.

However,it takes some time for these beliefs to settle in the heart of today 's people. Rational minds don't feel comfortable and I admit I struggle myself.
But in the same time I feel I am not alone in my battle. The liturgical cycle of church, my awkward attempts to pray and the writings of the holy fathers surely  help.
As we're nearing Holy week an anticipation is growing in my heart. It is the first time as a grown up that I will experience it.
I hope all of us to be blessed. 


  1. Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my blog today--it is so good to meet you and find your very lovely place here with much share of life, love and faith. :) How beautiful your church! So much white and blue, and with the Icons, it's all a graceful atmosphere. And how well you and share of the faith experience as an adult. While the Christian life is not always easy, there is a lot of jpy in walking this path... especially when one really digs into following, living and praying the ligurgical cycles of the year, and living the church at home. I am of the Roman Rite, so we are cousins in faith. :) I look forward to visiting you here again. Wishing you & yours a very Blessed Holy Week and Pascha!

  2. Your church is beautiful and I love how you are approaching Holy Week! I cannot believe that Lent is nearing to an end. I hope you have a blessed holy week and Easter :)

  3. Finally I get a chance to write here! Thank you for your blog visits and comments!! I am so so glad to see you writing again here! :) Have a blessed Holy Week!!! First time as an adult, so exciting, so new and full of meaning! God bless and protect you!!!