Sunday, 9 April 2017

Thoughts about HolyWeek

Holy week is finally here for us to readjust our relationship with our God.
 I need to feel and fully appreciate what Jesus did for us.
 I need to understand and feel deep in my heart what being humble means.
I need to be taught by the ways of His life.
I will be going to the church above each evening to live again (after 25 years)the Holy Passion Week as an adult fully devoted.

I will be holding a booklet with all hymns and their translation.
I  noticed that the hymns make my faith stronger as they explain Christian dogma in a poetic spirituality that enters the heart easily. 
Those hymns are a treasure, hidden gems just in front of our eyes to make our lives so much more beautiful and sacred but most of us most of the time don't see them. They are like a window with a view to the inside of our souls. 

I will be thinking a lot the following week about the cross and what it symbolises for me.
 What is my cross that I have to carry with me each and every day?
 Why do I need to carry this cross humbly and without complains like Jesus did.
 And finally how much lighter this cross becomes when I ask and recieve strenghth from my Father above.

And I can't help thinking how meaningful Easter Sunday will be for my soul. I will be making a dive deep in the soul all through this week and I will be making my faith stronger
. I want to emerge a better version of me when the bells will ring happily that Jesus is risen from the dead.
I hope this coming Sunday to have a little bit better idea of what the Ressurection of Jesus means for everyone of us.

I can only wish the same to be true for everyone of you and that you have a meaningful Holy Week!


  1. Very beautifully expressed... I feel much the same myself, as we enter Holy Week now. I much re-consider the Cross, and how very, very much I do need it. And how easier it is when I ask Jesus to help me carry my own Cross with love and humility as He did. I am nothing without Him. Returning to one's faith as and adult has some very humbling moments--daily humbling moments. To walk with Jesus this week is brings me back to life, His life in me. I'm so glad we have Pascha/Easter each year for such reminders and to refresh our spirits. To receive Jesus risen on Sunday, to receive Him in the Eucharist...happy tears just thinking of the joy ahead! Wish‌ing you a Blessed Holy Week as you receive Jesus in your life again. :)

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words and I wish that you have a blessed Holy Week,too. It means so much when others share the same feelings. The world is a bit hostile place for people who talk like we do now. I was one of the sceptics and I know what people think. However , if one takes this leap of faith there is no turning back!

  3. may you be blessed this week and every single week :) I will be attending a beautiful Easter vigil at a motherhouse chapel that is breathtakingly beautiful. I will be with my family as well.