Sunday, 28 May 2017

About prayers and wise men

I have somehow been blessed to come across a book "The adventures of a pilgrim man" written in Russian language originally around 1853.
It's about a simple man who set forth to discover what praying the Jesus Christ name non stop was about and how to achieve it.
It is based on first hand experience that 's why it feels so true .
This simple man has a big respect about a compilation of the works of many Holy men through the centuries called "Filokalia ".
Filokalia is such a treasure for us simple folks trying to find our paths and reinforce our faith.
I'm currently making baby steps on Jesus Prayer and studying from Filokalia.

What I study at the moment is by osios Peter from Damascus.  He says everything starts with the knowledge of God ' s will  (this little voice which tells right from wrong ). The next step is to put aside our will and reasoning and surrender to God's.
It is  a spiritual path opening in front of me and then I open the door and I step in the world and the magic is gone.
But slowly and steadily the name of Jesus stays inside and is working the miracle of the good transformation. 


  1. the rest of our lives is spent on beginning this. God bless you!

  2. thanks for your kind comment!!! God bless!

  3. My goddaughter gave me a long prayer rope and told me that she keeps one under her pillow for sleepless nights. So I started doing that, too, and what a blessing to "practice" the Jesus Prayer at that time.