Sunday, 13 August 2017

Some thoughts on the life of a housewife

Every summer because of my job as a teacher, I have the chance to spend about 3 months as a -full time housewife. 
I have found I quite like to spend time inside the house or in the small garden to tackle all unfinished jobs or have the luxury to spend a couple of hours every evening to crochet or be involved in other creative projects. And of course I am full time responsible for taking care of the family. 
However, after a few weeks of doing that, restlessness  settles in my heart that I don't do enough and that I  miss on something out there, although I can't exactly point what.Something along the line that being a housewife doesn't make me an important person 
or  the  option  to stay at home means sacrifice personal growth and goals .

It has been for me  a cultural fact to pursue a career, a fact I never challenged until this summer. I had been spending last summer and winter in managing my ego and I was for the first time in my life in the position to feel somehow more than nice in serving my family and in taking their needs seriously and sometimes before mine. 
It was not anymore that I had my own agenda so if I had to cater for their needs it was not time wasted, taken from me and my projects. 
It was like I was blessed with the most important role to be the silent connecting force in the family, the one to set the pace for all members to a decent, fulfilling, hard working, grateful and possibly religious life. 
And I realised that this might mean one thing in my case. Maybe I need to find a way to stop my job and only take real humbling care of my house and hard working husband and the  teenagers. 


A newely found love for me is to create jewellery with beads. I have found some wonderful projects on u tube and I dived with some really good results .

Standing under the trees and taking photos with my mobile on my way back from the supermarket ( yes, I walk with all shopping in a  carrier) has given great results, too.

I am listening a lot to religious radio programmes, all this wisdom on my fingertips and I read religious books. I had been so thirsty for wisdom and I really feel like I have found a fountain not just a glass . It sounds so common but it's true. I have also fallen in love with this blog which so much expresses how I feel this summer.
                      I wish all of you a great celebration of Assumption of Mary .


  1. blessed feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God! I love seeing your pictures! It's challenging to be a full time homemaker! I wish you God's way in all your life and His mercy and salvation for them!

  2. Such beautiful photos! And beautiful thoughts on the role of the housewife. Very much appreciated hearing of your experience, and how much you have come to embracing this role God has given to us women. At this time in my life, I am primarily a housewife, a homekeeper, and I feel blessed in so many ways to be given this role. I find great joy in caring for my little family. We don't have children, so just me, my husband and our cat, we have other extended family, though and try to be a blessing to them. To care for our home and garden is some of the best I can do, as our home is a small piece of God's Kingdom here, and I am mindful of that responsibility. So lovely all your beads! I used to make jewelry many years ago, made some for sale too. I sometimes miss the play with the beads...I too very much enjoy listening to religious programs, and the internet is a very helpful tool with that. My week wouldn't be the same without the favorite programs! May you have a continued blessed summer break, and as you keep home...God Bless you! :)))