Saturday, 21 October 2017

Autumn blessings

It is a blessed Saturday until now, late afternoon. I am up and busy since 5.30. I've completed many a tasks I had been postoning!
For example I put up the nice corner in the kitchen where we have our meals during winter months.
It'seems this time of the year again when the smell of winter is near.What a nice change from the summer!
God has created everything in wisdom!
I thank God lately as often as I can for his countless blessings in my life!

 I try to educate myself in appreciating all the good things God allows me to have.
It ain't easy because I tend to focus on my will and when things go. ..well not my way I get frustrated and moody.

These days I have become more aware of my stubbornness,  my insensitivity, my vain thoughts, my insecurities.
The huge comforting difference is that I don't despair any more, I don't feel hopeless about my mess.
I ask God for help and guidance, I study what Holy Fathers say, I pray, I go to church regularly and I am surprised of the healing power of Orthodoxy.

On a more earthy note this is an apple pie I put together later in the evening. 


  1. Your blog is beautiful--your home is so fresh and airy and cozy. (and your thoughts spot on).


  2. Such a beautiful table... such lovely tablecloth and wonderful food! The seasons and season changes bring with them so much don't they... and so much to be thankful for. Seasons can also remind of us of "housekeeping" we need to do for our hearts and minds. Maybe that is a good thing! It is inspiring to hear of how you are seeking God to help you in all things. May He bless you in all things. :)