Saturday, 28 October 2017

Last days of October

It is the 26 of October, the name day of my husband! Agios Demetrios is a well loved saint in Greece with a lot of men and women carry his name.
We will celebrate in a family dinner later tonight!
On every day front, I have decided to change my sleeping habits and wake up every morning at 5:30 instead of 6:45. This way I get the chance to both drink my coffee  quietly and also  work on some embroidery projects I am busy with lately.

Around 7: 15 I woke up the rest of the family and we had breakfast and they left for school. Then I quickly ironed some clothes and after that I run to the supermarket for a few more things for tonight's family dinner.

After 20 minutes I was back home and I put the things away and a laundry of whites. Then, it was time to dust and tidy up our bedroom,  living room and kitchen.

I had a light sandwich and some coffee and left for school, a 25 minutes walk from where I live. It was 10 o clock only.  The rest of the day was peaceful and festive!

The next  day ,the 27th  is the day before the national celebration day against fascism in memory of the bravery of Greeks during WW2.
 There is a big celebration in every school in the country for the young ones to realise how important  freedom, peace and independence are for a nation and how hard it is to keep them unless you are willing when everything else fails to  sacrifice oneself for the above ideals.

Later in the evening, I attended vespers in memory of 4 youngsters who refused to change their faith in Crist to that of a mouslim around 18th and the they were killed. Another act of bravery and powerful example to motivate our lazy 21st century selves.

On the actual day of celebration , the 28th ,I decided to make fish soup, the way my mother in law used to make

 Then I made a prosforon for Sunday morning church and baked some bread for the family, too.
 To knead the bread I took out my wedding ring  (I always wear it) and the ring the family of my husband gave me when we were engaged.
I also took out a simple bracelet I made about a year ago.  All of the above, you can see next to the 'kantili '.

Just before everyone sit around the table I snapped a quick photo of our simple but delicious meal if I should say so myself!


  1. what a lovely day! I am so glad you had such a nice feast day! many years to your husband on his name's day! This is also the day of my parent's wedding! (they are protestants but at least they love God and are faithful to what they were taught, even that is something these days!).... neat about the fish soup! You set up a lovely table! very special that you were able to bake prosphora and also go to vespers!

  2. BEAUTIFUL images and such lovely moments share--thank you! So much to celebrate... and such wonderful food. That fish soup looks so delicious! What fish did you use? Your kantili light is so beautiful too. I admire you way of changing your day to be able to add more quiet time to enjoy in the beginning of the day. God bless you & yours... :)