Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Work of my hands

The works of my hands is a post I wanted to do for a long time but always postponed. The result is that I'm left with a lot of unfinished projects to present.
Like the above cross stitched piece I plan to turn into a pin pillow or just frame it, not sure.

This project I started about a year ago. I hadn't cross stiched for about 30 years. When finally is finished it will be the long stripe of a cross body  bag.

About this printed canvas all I can say is that I was drooling over it for some time. I decided to give it a go and finally added this one to my list of unfinished projects.

My pride and joy is this crochet blanket. I chose the colours out of my favourite byzantine icon and crochet it while listening to podcasts about the orthodox faith.
I feel like there is a lot to learn. ..so many things I have done wrong and yet here I am crocheting my past away and feeling hopeful placing my life in God's hands .

My other blanket is for when I want something easy to occupy my hands.
I love the warm earthy colours of it.

This almost finished bag is waiting for some decisions I'm not taking. ..like the inner lining and some metallic parts I have to buy

While shopping for water and wine everyday glassware  (we are a very not careful family ) I spotted the above covers for my cooker. They brought so many fond memories from my  childhood and a strong urge to spotlessly clean my kitchen

Talking about kitchens this place will be my future kitchen God willing. I have a very definite idea of how cupboards and devices will be placed but I am not sure about the style of the kitchen. I tend towards a simple and minimal scandinavian style.

As for my faith, it is getting stronger but only when I let my will aside and study the Holy Fathers and pray and go to church.
It sounds exhausting but I feel I get help.
And then something happens and I want my will to be done and the peace I feel disappears.
And this happens again and again but now I recognise the pattern. Especially when I have the Holy Communion I noticed that I get more help to understand my mistakes and I don't despair that easily.
I apologise for my inconsistent posts and the rare visits to your well written posts. Your comments mean a lot to me but life happens and has my priority.
Off to make coffee for me and husband and feed the cat!


  1. we are all on a journey towards God and we ALL struggle and have to go to Confession! :) that you know how peace can be found is huge. your various projects are very beautiful! and I like those oven covers, very nice!!! Exciting about your new home! just like a building a home takes time, so does life in Christ. Growth is gradual and there is much HOPE!!! I hope and pray now that you have a blessed Nativity Fast!

  2. VERY exciting about your new kitchen! :) So much beauty from your hands! You crochet blankets so beautiful! I love crochet--my favorite thing to do with yarn. Such lovely cross stitch you create too! That's something I've not done for a long time, is cross stitch. I listen to spiritual podcasts while doing crafts too. :) The podcast is a great thing to learn from and expand one's heart and spirit closer to God. You express very well the spiritual struggle we all have. That we are able to see where we go wrong and acknowledge that is a big step toward God. Sometimes we take small, baby steps, because is a all is a process. A lifetime process, really! There is much joy in releasing ourselves, our own will into the hands of God, and becoming what He wishes for us--to be His loving daughters. :) Wishing you continued love, hope and joy along the path. God Bless you!

  3. Thanks for the heartwarming comment.Crochet is still my favourite but cross stitch is getting closer. Confession and prayers help us leave space for God's will. All the best!

  4. I used to do so much cross stitch, but now I do find it tiring on my eyes. all my grandchildren have birth samplers using American primitive patterns.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, it is so nice to meet new people.

  5. what a lovely array of projects! I like starting lots of projects so I have many to choose from when I sit down. However, my max is four because then nothing feels like it gets done fast enough for me.