Sunday, 3 December 2017

Blessed days

 My heart becomes more and more devoted to Jesus.
I still have a long way to go but I can already see the  benefits. Peace of mind and hope and sweetness in my heart.
We are already in the middle of the fast season  (actually a few more days to complete the middle) and there is liturgy every morning in my parish.
I try to go to the church almost every day but I only manage  for a while because I have to rush to  school.

 It's been a quite dry autumn but hopefully this changes as the photo suggests.
I feel the need to bless God for the everyday gifts and I am becoming sad because people have taken God out of their lives.
Like I did not so long ago and like my husband and children still do.
I am left with little to do except praying for them ( my immediate family )change their minds.

 Well enough of it, I don't want to despair only His  will to be done to them!
He is the Fisherman of their souls. As for the fish you see above ,it made an excellent food

This is a part of beautiful old church in the centre of Heraklion which also has a museum about Cretan byzantine icon painting . Look how beautiful it is against the blue sky.  

 This is a complete project from my work of hands projects. I can't wait to gift it to my mum when we visit for Christmas.

This photo I took this morning and it is the reflection of my  curtains against the closet.
I thought the reflection of the embroidery looks nice.
That's all for now.  Have a blessed week everyone! 

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  1. "Sweetness in my heart"... That sounds like a song, a song of the heart. A song we all should sing. :) It is only at church do I really experience others who share this holiday as I do, and that lifts me up. All the rest around me is just busy, distracting. Lovely, but distracting... and not Jesus-centered, which makes me sad too. I need so more of Jesus! And this time of blessing, not just decorating and eating... But how GOOD your fish looks...mmm... What a beautiful piece you embroidered for your Mum for Christmas. How BEAUTIFUL, too, the church against the bright blue sky... Wishing you much peace and heart songs of Jesus during this time... :) ((HUGS))