Friday, 10 August 2018

Happily settled

Summer of 2018 was spent in a moving houses time wrap and it's only the last few days that life is slowly coming back to normal. Those of you who have been to my blog before( as terribly inconcistent as it is) probably know that my family has a new place to call home since the first days of July.
It has been a very slow process to build but we are finally living in it and enjoy every moment and every inch of it!


Talking about kitchens this place will be my future kitchen God willing. I have a very definite idea of how cupboards and devices will be placed but I am not sure about the style of the kitchen. I tend towards a simple and minimal scandinavian style.


My heart sinks with happiness and gratitude every moment of the day and I can't thank God enough for what he has blessed my family with.I pray I will prove to be worthy of this huge blessing!

On a funny note I would love to share 2 typical moments of our moving houses adventure . The dining table and chairs we ordered were 3 weeks late and we had no other choice but happily share our meals on the humble IKEA tables while sitting on the floor. Mind you I had done this quite a few times during my youth and always found it somewhat comforting and cozy

I would like to give my kids the thumbs up for their inventive ways. This to house our TV/COMPUTER screen was set up in a few minutes. Problem solved and I have to admit we are still hunting for suitable TV furniture

I would also love to share this little collection of beloved items and furniture from our previous house and point to the fact that are arranged in a new way which I would never have thought before so that they look new and fresh and so beautiful to my eyes of course.
I very faintly begin to recognise a pattern here that goes like this. A new house is the perfect setting for new begginings and new ways out of old stuff  surfuce both in material world as well as in spiritual/emotional world.

I only hope posting regularly now that we are hapilly settled is a comforting and creative new begining for me, God willing above all.


  1. so nice to hear from you via your blog! your kitchen is so beautiful!!! light and bright!!! What a blessing! I am so glad for you! Looking forward to your next post, God willing!

  2. Sooo wonderful to have you back in blogland after a time. VERY exciting your new move and new home... it looks very light and bright. The kitchen is just beautiful--what a lovely place to prepare meals and so nice the big windows! Moving is a big thing, and it takes time settle in, sort things out, etc. It can be very emotions times, is moving. God Bless you all in your new home, and may it be the happy new beginning you wish for. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog... I'm so glad you're enjoying my podcast--a new adventure :) ((HUGS))