Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Of decoration,simplicity and commitment

I have a feeling that a little bit of introducing will take place the next couple of weeks. It will follow a random rythm. Nothing regular, programmed or planned. I'm not that kind of person. So bare with me !Here we go
 I  am not known to be a person to commit and frankly this starts getting at me so badly. I most of the time start something only to lose my passion for it a bit later and drop it all together after a while. This has been true for me when...learning foreign languages, going to the gym, blogging, jogging,making jewellery, sewing,keeping the house in order,writing journals,keeping friendships alive, praying, reading books, educating myself on something name it.
My lack of commitement seems to be intergrated with me big time that's why I can't shake it off easily. It feeds on some of my not so good traits. It feeds  on my perfectionism, on my laziness, on my impatience, on my selfishness, lack of practicality to name the few I have recognised and am certain about. 

There is one area though that my lack of commitment strangely if you ask me, doesn't appy and this is my crochet projects! For some reasons unknown, I seem to complete every crochet project I have taken on until now! I have only realised this just today while thinking what to write about in this blog post. Hooray for blogging! 
A crazy idea starts forming in my head to try collect and photograph all my crochet projects and present them to you but due to my lack of commitment... I don't promise.
However, if crochet is immune to my lack of commitment then photographing my crochet projects might be as well! Let's raise the suspence levels! Shall we?

Speaking of photographing my crochet projects ...I have already photographed two for you in this blogpost. What a nice coincidence!

The first black and white small carpet is a project of the previous summer when my love for minimal scandinavian style in interion design started. It was the first time I developed an interest in graphic forms and although I didn't... commit to this style I still like the simplicity of it.

However, as it turned out this scandinavian style love that I developed looking at noumerous pictures on Pinterest( translates to many lost hours)doesn't seem to apply to how my bedroom turned out. The bedroom I see in the photo below looks more country like traditional style than minimal scandinavian.. Anyway, I love yet again the simplicity of it and the lack of stuff. You see the bedroom we just left was a huge well lit room that served as a home office area/lounge area.In addition the room had a big closet and a big chest of drawers. Now add  the peripheral mess flat areas attract and the occassional shelving unit and there you have . The chaos that my previous bedroom was.
But this one is like so easy to the eye, so calming, so without clutter that makes my heart jump with relief. The walk in closet and the absense of a home office plus that I have done a massive decluttering session( took me a year before the move ) all helped to the above result.

On another note, most days roll easily and stress free while the blazing heat is a permanent feature that doesn't allow for much action anyway! The  word that speaks music to my ears lately has been simplicity. Simple, nurishing meals and simple pleasures like coffee and icecream with a glass of fresh iced water served on my crochet beauty seem to do the trick for me these days!

I am working on my praying corner which I plan to fit somewhere in the walking closet area. When I figure out how I want it to be I will photograph for you, some time soon, I promise.


  1. lovely post, I struggle with constancy and consistency too; it's partly my personality but also a struggle too, so you are not alone in that! I loved how you had your prayer area by your kitchen table in your last home, I hope you find a good spot for it in your new home; it's so tricky to have a good one that one will actually use. I have more than one spot and esp. love the one I have by my dining room table, as I live most of my waking hours in this area! But the one in my bedroom is also precious, just not as used because it's where I sleep or rest instead of where I live my waking hours! :)

  2. I don't think you are lacking commitment, instead you are interested in doing and experiencing new and different things, which sometimes means past interests need to be set aside :-)

    Your crochet rug looks very pretty, I like the clean lines and strong contrast. Crochet is not something I often do unfortunately. I am not sure why really because it is fun.

    I would love a bit of heat, we are back to Scottish August weather: windy, not terribly warm and often wet.

  3. Your carpert is BEAUTIFUL!! And so is your very minimal bedroom--love the linens and the restful atmosphere! :) It is a big thing to be able to recognize where we can takes courage! Perfectionism, laziness, selifishness...I think we've all been there. You are not alone! ;) Sometimes I wonder, for myself at least, if "commitmenet" issues have to do with trying to do too many things--and often too many things, and all in one day! With so much already in a day, all the "extras" are hard to squeeze in, even things we enjoy. This year I have pared my hobbies down to yarn and fabric--fiber only. It is very freeing to focus on one thing one truly loves and enjoys. Crochet is wonderful in that it feels fast, you know... just the one hook and yarn, and it's kind of easy to just make something. It is OK to set aside hobbies or extras that no longer sparks ideas, for feel sustainable or able to integrate into daily life. But blogging is such a great way to share things with others, but also keep a record of our days, doings, how our spiritual life is growing, etc. Looking forward to seeing your prayer corner! :))) God Bless you & yours!! ((HUGS))