Monday, 13 August 2018

Of teens and crafts and past years

I have made a decision that I will try my best to document more things and more often after the fuss of moving houses. Knowing how I love to postpone I keep my fingers and toes crossed. However, what I can promise seriously to myself this time is that I will try my very best. I have even put some thought on how to make my blogging as effortless as possible by setting a special area in the house and by keeping all camera related stuff very near and with easy access.

Life at home has reached an easy going stage where each day presents a certain amount of practical difficulties but  seeing the big picture everything rolls smoothly and challenges are faced with grace and a great deal of patience. One such moment is when I try to wake up miss M the teen queen. Some days she refuses matter of factly to get out of bed. I feel at loss then because I can still remember albit faintly how I felt when my mum woke me up a million summers ago. I usually promise some treat of the chocolate kind and whatever  issues resolve rather quickly

I will be sharing a couple of photos of the decorations in her room. They fall on the girly category pom poms, strawberries, hearts and flowers and love logos. But don't get fooled cause she has her not so girly aspects when she attempts to dress or acts (tubbornly in my humble opinion) as a grown up woman. Anyway, I trully hope that she finds in her new room the space to bring some of her creative talents forth and smooth some of her rough edges. Some days all I can do is pray for her, oh! the challenges of living with a teenage daughter!

On a very explicit note that's where my little part of the world is,almost centered in the magical Mediterranean Sea on the wonderful island of Crete which is packed at the moment with lovely people from all over the world visiting    

and this is a glimpse of the view at the back of my house that I want to share with you. Look at the blue skies, a permanent feature of the Cretan sky and always something that lifts me up.
What you see here is 2-3 storries of block of flats and their back yards. What you don't see is the number of free cats hanging around in the gardens.

But my life here on the magical island wouldn't have been complete without a couple of creative projects! How about this crochet has been neglected for quite some time. When I couldn't bare to see it layng in a plastic bag no more , I put aside everything else to just complete the project. It took a couple of trips to the store to buy the clips and the chain and a bit of searching to find the right kind of lining. Nothing too fancy but still something that could make justice to a golden chain. I found it in the front pieces of a second hand, hand me down waistcoat. I didn't have to look further for someone to model the bag. Miss M gladly obliged although she wouldn't change to a girly dress no matter how much chocolaty things I bribed her with!
For those of you who want to give this style of bag a try here is the link to a video.

A bit of vintage love now packed with sweet summer memories from when I was a teen myself. Not that I cared much then but I was taught by my mother/aunt and granma how to knit/crochet and cross stich just the basics. Then every summer I was given a couple of projects to complete.Much of the knitting/crocheting and cross stiching took place late noon and early afternoon when the Mediterranean sun is too hot to wander around and the obligatory stay at home ,no matter what , was given the exotic name of siesta!
What you see below is a very easy pattern I did on an Aida (not sure the number)cloth soooooooo many summers ago. The  tablecloth is of a good practical size and had been used a lot in our household while growing up. I remember it on the back garden table with a vase full of summer flowers in my parents summer house and during winter months on our family kitchen table. For a while it covered my second hand night table under piles of books and magazines. When I left home to venture in the big world out there I left it behind and we reunited a couple of summers ago. You see my mother has an annoying habit of not throwing away stuff despite the  seminars I constantly give her on minimalism. She found it and forced me to take it in my family house. I have used it already as a cover on my living room side table but it shows signs of tearing. What I mean to say after this long intro is that I plan to make a new one soonish the size of a table runner this time and I want suggestions with the colors...suggestions of the scandinavian interior style of decoration....if there are any, pppuleeeeze!
And speaking of scandinavian minimal style interior I have high hopes that this small carpet I'm about to finish is capturing it. I fell in love with spagetti yarn via Pinterest boards and this simple black and white strippes design was simple and straight forward enough for me to complete. I have decided to place it in our tiny walk in closet for a while. It is a soft chunky style carpet and very heavy. The yarn is elastic which makes crochet easy , no much struggling envolved with the hook. The brand I used is called HOOKED for obvious reasons. I still have some second thoughts as how to wash it, my best shot being that it will fit the washing machine.

I stop here for the time being and by pressing the post button I throw it all in the air out there in BlogLand! A bit like a message in a bottle. I'll be waiting on my exotic island for your response!


  1. thanks so much for your most lovely and kind comment on my blog!!! It really made my day, thank you! Ah, it is hard to be a teen and there are I think more pressures than ever on them. I love your Mom and her non-minimalism. I am more that way... I call myself a maximalist instead of a minimalist! LOL! Anything I love, I tend to have lots of (dishes, tea, books, ICONS, linens, chocolate!)... I thank God for His blessings to me and I do hope I share well with others; I am glad for God's mercy and forgiveness for when I fail! lots of love to you!!! liked and enjoyed this post!!! a HUG to you!

  2. Such fun to see your daughter's room! I'm a grown up woman of 45, and I still love pom poms, strawberries, hearts and flowers and love logos. ;) But I'm a bit of a minimalist myself, so I don't have all of those things at one time... haha! Such sweet story of your mother and her non-minimal ways.... And happy to see all things you've been working on! The striped carpet is very fun and cheerful--a nice addition to your new home! Thank you so much for visiting at my blog... glad you are back in blogland and sharing from your beautiful part of the world! :) God Bless you & yours... ((HUGS))

  3. the room looks inviting and comfortable! I love how blogging gives us opportunities to focus our thoughts on what we want to focus on. Lovely blog too :)

  4. I'm so glad you're loving your new home. It's amazing how a positive change like that can flow on to other areas in our lives. I fully understand the difficulty in getting Miss M out of bed, my daughter turns 13 in a couple of months and she's nearly impossible to get out of bed, especially on school days. Your crochet bag looks amazing too and has given me some lovely ideas. Thank you for your kind words on my blog the other day. xx Susan