Friday, 31 August 2018

Of things, shelfishness and teenagers

Domestic bliss seems to be bringing along all kinds of nice things like a sudden bolt of creative energy which was well hidden for endless months. I feel the need to make specific times each day to create something,be it photograph things or activities around the house as they happen or sometimes stage a certain photo, something new to me. Also, along crochet which is a long lasting love, I have developed an appreciation for plants or even flowers and I make baby steps at photographing the decor in the rooms of my house.
While I cooked yesterday, I noticed the camera very close to me  and the light streaming through 2 windows and I felt the need to create, to document what was happening so I took the first photo abovr of the  fresh, green beans. Then, I looked around and saw all kinds of beautiful to me objects which I gathered and placed on the kitchen countertop. You can see the backstage on the third photo and the actual result on the second. 

On another note, I have found great relief on the trend ( it will fade sooner than later)of minimalism as from my everyday experience I realised how much more easier and effective it is to keep clean and tidy a house that has very little. It sits so well, with the Orthodox christian way of life,too. The realisation that nothing belongs to us, that all gifts of life and all good things are given to us, had an immediate effect on me , that I  should not place so much value to possessions and the things I own. I should respect and use them ,yes, but not stick to material things and never accumulate stuff. What happens is that I get possessed by stuff and I want more, let alone I have difficulty in sharing and  on a practical level to organise and keep tidy.
 Anyway, I try to keep at least the bedroom free of clutter.

I was thinking the other day that having plants to take good care of is a good way to distract myself ....from myself. I tend to give too much priority to my ...wants and can be totally self absorbed thus loosing contact and connection with my significant others. Taking care of people and animals( our cat) and plants is a good exercise for I don't be so selfish.

And yes, the "do not enter "phase has officially arrived! Lady M reminds me so much of myself and I still hate to admit it but I remind me so much of my mother!!! It's nice to see her explore her independence but she is difficult to be around many times and I don't always behave like my grown up self. However, when the storm goes away, comes the time of peace and then lessons are learned and promises are made for better behaviour next time.


  1. it's not easy always to love! try to keep remembering her side, how you felt at her age, as you are remembering but seeing yourself also in your Mother ... things are not easy and as you write, that's why forgiveness is so important!