Friday, 17 August 2018

Settling some more

It so happens  today that  I'm writing this post to be a big celebration for Orthodox Christians in Greece. It is called the Dormition of Panagia. Panagia, Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ has been a major figure/influencer if I can say so, in my life the last few years. I struggled to let myself open up to her wisdom but the good things that came out of having Her as a leading figure in my life surpassed my objections and the feeling that it is not cool to built  a relation with someone I don't see and maybe never existed. You probably know what I mean.

So, the previous 15 days leading to the celebration I went to Vespers as often as I could to listen and maybe dare sing along to hymns that ask for Her help , protection and give thanks for her presence in the world and the many miracles she has performed to ease the pain of humanity as well as the countless blessings. There is nothing like having a busy day but at the end of it to know to whom to give blessings and whom to ask for help. To know your place in the grand scheme and to have a purpose in this life as well as prepare for the next. And all these engolfed by sweetness, happiness, blessings and a sense of strength and endurance. 
A new found attitude as dear Elizabeth wisely points out to go through life's troubles and not get stuck by them!
I was so blessed this summer with a new house and now that the moving  part is behind me I try to establish my routines in the new house. I am a bit behind with burning insense (oh! how I love the smell of it and how the smoke goes up through the small holes. The sound of the burning coal and the golden color and soft shape of insense holder( livanistiri) It is such a reassuring spiritual routine a helpful reminder to count my blessings.

I am also terribly behind baking this special bread (prosforo) . It's an act of recognition for all the blessings I have received and I bring it to the church as often as I can on the Saturday evening Vespers. The central part of prosforo is to be used on Sunday for the preparation of Holly Communion and the rest to be given to people after the Divine Liturgy.

However, it's not all spiritual happenings in this household. There is a big deal of hard work and physical activity. There is a lot of cooking /baking to be done to feed hungry demanding family members who have been at work all day as well a lot of cleaning/tidying and maintaining a big house.
Therefore laziness, idle wanderings, daydreaming and postponing have to be aknowledged as problems and obstacles to meaningful happiness. Not only aknowledged but addressed as well. A brand new house asks for  a lot more responsibility. The plus side is that a new house is so much easier to clean.
Thus my cleaning motto lately is that I don't clean the dirt but I keep clean what is already clean! It has shifted my cleaning mentality big time! ( Miss Ms carefully nail painted  hands are stuffing the vegetables with the most delicious risotto, a traditional Greek recipie called domates gemistes/stuffed tomatoes)

I might have bored you with my new house, I'm not bragging it's just what my life is about at the moment. After all it's that many times in my life that I have moved in a brand new house, the last one being when I was 6 years of age!

 This gives me the right to keep it seems to me that a new house has something to do with bringing up new aspects of my personality... like a newborn love and appreciation for plants and flowers. Flowers, I haven't ventured yet but I was more than willing to let a couple of plants to enter my house and sweetly/graciously invade my everyday life. I don't mind the deal at all. I give them a bit of water and they offer so much beauty in exchange!( My non-minimalist mum cross stiched the hunting scene on the back of the plants in previous photo).

As much as I want to hang out here more I better address the issues mentioned before and get started with my housework! But I promise to be back with more photos .


  1. so many lovely photos and words!!! It was my Grandma who told me that we go through the suffering, we don't stay there... her faith in Christ and commitment to Him has given her much wisdom! The Mother of God is such a help, comfort and protection for us! I am so glad for your new home, I see your thankfulness in this and that is beautiful!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I understand where you are coming from when you mention developing your routine in a new house. 2 years ago we moved to a run down cottage. It has just had a new roof so we are still at the wiring, and decorating stage. I’m trying to make it cosy for us, one make at a time. I share those on Wednesdays usually. Enjoy your brand new home!