Saturday, 1 September 2018

Of a few random thoughts

All is a journey! We are on the road to Eternity. We are made this way. The mind is so slow to grasp but the heart knows the truth and when the heart finds the truth there is not much to do but rest there, feel the relief and explore. But more carefully this time. The soul has no desire to get lost again. This time is different.There is  a Light to be followed( The Son of God, no less God Himself) and lots and lots of help( Panagia/The Holy Mother and the Angels and the Saints and the Holy Spirit and the Holy Fathers). All there, to guide, to strenghten, to pamper the Soul whatever it takes!

All is there to help, the key word is to ask for the help. To do so, the need must be felt first. The need for help, the realisation that we humans don't have all the answers. But we feel the pain, the loss, the need for something ...of a different nature!

The Beauty that  surrounds us manifests something of ...a different nature

The endless blessings of everyday life are not to be taken for granted or with a light heart. There is a responsibility in the heart for all abundance. It is to share and provide for those in need. I so lack in both.
But I recognise for the first time how  thankfulness for what I have been allowed  is the first step to sharing.


  1. Such beautiful images to accompany your wise and wonderful words! "The soul has no desire to get lost again." No, never again--I often feel that way too! How I wish my heart was always stronger than my head... ;) The heart, that is so close to Jesus. The head which often gets confused by the world. I always want so much to rest in the heart, the heart of Jesus. And it is such a gift, each and every day, a gift to renew this heart-to-heart with Jesus. And sharing with others... Thank you sooo much for this beautiful post--this prayer. :))) ((HUGS))

  2. My mind so easily gets lost in worries about people I love, but your post reminds me of what my priest told me once, (and he was passing on something from an elder or saint) that we must keep everyone else not in our minds, full of facts and ideas, but in our hearts, where is LOVE. Don't worry about them, get offended by the facts of what they do, but love them and pray for them. Thank you.